6 Benefits of Central Air Conditioning Installation

Most homeowners prefer central air conditioning systems installed in their homes, rather than localized units that offer localized cooling for each room. However, there is quite a number who are still stuck on individual units. If you are one of those still wondering whether to install a central air conditioner or not, the following benefits of central air conditioning installation will change your mind.

1. They Have Greater Cooling Capacity
This is one of the major benefits of installing central air conditioning system in your home. Localized air conditioners are designed to cool a single room, meaning that you’ll have to install several units in different rooms to get fresher air throughout your home. Installation of separate units to cool different areas can become inefficient especially when you want to cool and dehumidify a larger area. Central air conditioning provides enough cooling throughout your home using only one unit. You’ll be able to enjoy cool and comfortable environment in every room of your home. These units also help in removing moisture from the air, thereby enhancing your comfort levels in your home.

2. They Are Quiet
Most central air conditioners run extremely quiet, and you’ll barely hear the system running. Other than a slight blowing and clicking sound when thermostat sparks the system on, the system runs quietly and virtually makes no sound. Besides most of them are typically installed in unobtrusive areas of the home, such as garages or basements. This further minimizes the noise. In contrast, most individual air conditioners have a humming sound that’s apparent when the units are running. The noise levels become more pronounced when you have installed units in adjacent rooms.

3. Better Aesthetics
Individual air conditioners do not complement the interior of your home. They tend to stick out giving your home not so smooth look. But with central air conditioning systems, there will be no visible signs of the system in your home, other than one air compressor unit that’s normally positioned in obscure place of the home.

4. Lower Utility Bills
Window air conditioners are quite inefficient for several reasons. Firstly, they have lower efficiency rating as compared to centralized AC. Secondly, many come with no temperature sensors, and thus they keep running until they are switched off manually. Finally, they use insulating methods to cool air, and this leaves loopholes for warm air to enter the room. If you want to cool and freshen up the air in many rooms, using a centralized energy efficient unit will be more effective than using individual units.

5. Better Warranty
Most window models on the market usually come with a warranty that doesn’t exceed one year. But with central units, they come with warranties that last several years. As compared to individual units, these models are expensive to purchase, but they give a better investment protection.

A central air conditioning unit can greatly improve your indoor comfort and lower your utility bills, making it a more convenient and cheaper option to cool your home. They may cost you more initially, but they will prove to be a cost-effective option for your home.

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