Factors To Consider – Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner

Many people cannot tell when their air conditioners have outlived their useful lives. Many struggles to figure it out whether to fix their old equipment to last for more years or to just invest in a new one. Though one may not want to absorb the upfront cost, new air conditioning installation lowers your electricity bill and has perfect energy efficiency.

It becomes trickier when air conditioner service providers encourage you to buy another one just to make a sale when your old air conditioner just needs a simple repair. Those that make money by doing repeated services may encourage you to keep on fixing your air conditioner just for them to earn that money while in the real sense what you need is a new air conditioner. Don’t worry; this article will give you an insight on what to consider deciding whether you need to repair or replace your air conditioner.

1.    The Air Conditioner’s Age.
If your air conditioner unit reaches 15 years, it becomes an ample time to switch to a new one. At this period, it has already recovered the amount used in buying it. You will require a better, more energy-efficient air conditioner. When your old air conditioner requires frequent fixing, you end up spending more than necessary. When you reach this stage, apply the 5,000 rule where you multiply the age of the air conditioner with the total cost of repair. If the result goes beyond $5,000, it’s advisable you replace the air conditioner.

2.    High Utility Bills
Talk to your friends and neighbors about your energy bill. Compare and check whether your bill has gone higher than the rest. If so, it’s a good bet that your air conditioner consumes a significant amount of energy and your bill proves it. Use of more energy indicates that your air conditioner has become weak. High energy sucking air conditioner pollutes the environment. Replacing it with a new one becomes the only solution. Your efficiency will increase by 80%, and you will save environmental contamination and energy costs.

3.    Areas Or Components That Need Repair
For straightforward and small repairs like power connection, repair becomes the best option. If the compressor fails, fixing it with another one is not an option as the failure results from subsequent problems that will recur even when you replace it with a new one. Identifying leaking refrigerants becomes hard, time-consuming and expensive especially if your air conditioner’s coils have corrosion.

In this case, it’s advisable to replace the air conditioner with a new one as replacing the refrigerants will result in the development of more leaks. If your air conditioner’s spare parts get discontinued or become unavailable in the market, then one has no option but to buy a new one.

In conclusion, whether you want to replace your air condition due to saving electricity bill, age or worn out parts, the fact remains that, in the long run, you will save a lot of money. You will also experience the most enjoyable and comfortable summer seasons.

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