Why Is Nitrogen Purge Important During Air Conditioning Installation

Nitrogen purging denotes an internal process of cleaning free pipes. It is aimed at freeing the internal surface of pipes from contaminants that may later cause rusting, pipe leakages or breakage.

The process is aimed at preventing the formation of oxides, which often occur within pipes. Impurities such as oxygen and its oxides may form in pipes when the caps of the piping are removed or when the pipes are cut or broken.

The removal of the caps or cutting of pipes spoils the nitrogen protection, and there is a need to purge the system before sealing it completely.

What is Nitrogen a Purge?
A nitrogen purge is a cleaning process that gets rid contaminants in the entire Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The procedure, which uses nitrogen, eliminates all moisture and oxygen from the piping system. The process is accomplished by circulating nitrogen in the system at high or low-pressure levels , driving out oxygen, moisture or any other impurities present from all the internal surfaces of the entire HVAC system.

Why is a Nitrogen Purge Important?
A nitrogen purge during air conditioning installation is of significant importance because of the reasons stated below:
• A nitrogen purge drives out oxygen from all the internal surfaces of the entire system.The process eliminates the possibility of the occurrence of sparks, which may cause fires.
• The nitrogen use in purging also removes all the moisture present within the piping of the HVAC system. Lack of moisture helps in lowering the dew point and the possibility of rusting within the pipes; which is often facilitated by the presence of moisture and oxygen.
• The inert gasses are not flammable, but nitrogen is economical in this work when compared to other gasses because it makes the process significantly affordable.
• It reduces the chances of having rusty pipes. This, in turn, reduces the expenses that may be incurred in replacing rusty broken pipes and the coolant.
• Purging also reduces the costs that would be incurred in making repairs when the system’s piping rusts and breaks leading to leakages of the coolant gas.


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When Is A Nitrogen Purge Required?
There are various situations in which purging of the entire HVAC system and piping is necessary, and these situations are as cited below:
• Immediately before completing the installation of the system
• When changing parts of, or the entire H V A C system
• During the repair of broken piping and refilling of the coolant
• During the replacement of pipes in the system
• When changing the coolant (gas) used within the system
• During regular maintenance
In a nutshell, nitrogen purging is a necessity when installing, repairing, or maintaining the system, and it is an important procedure because it reduces risks of accidents and it also ensures that your system is up and running for long. A well – purged system also helps in avoiding regular repairs or a malfunctioning system – which may prove to be costly if it occurs regularly. .

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